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I want to play in the orchestra...

Orchestergeigen im Konzert

Fortunately the orchestra has nearly all kind of instruments, so we don't depend on outside musicians for the concerts.

Though the orchestra has over 50 strings, we are always looking for new members, due to membership fluctuations because of schooling or personal commitments.

If you are a guest (Erasmus?) student or if you are interested in playing in the orchestra, please contact Julia Wurzel who coordinates the wait list and the auditions. Next foreplay is 13th of April 2015.

At the moment we're particularly looking for bugles, violas, double basses and one oboe. 



Rehearsals - Where and When

Bild: Hauptmensa der Universität


The Orchestra practises during the semester

on monday from 19:45h (tuned) until 22:00h.

During the semester break there are no rehearsals. At the end of the semester the orchestra has a rehearsal weekend before the concert weekend.

The rehearsal room is located at 23, Callinstraße under the canteen, Hauptmensa. You can find the room at the left of the main entrance, there are stairs to the basement. You reach the canteen by tram 4 or 5 direction Garbsen or Stöcken, Schneiderberg station.

Here you can see the canteen on google-maps. In the foreground you see the souterrain with the rehearsal room:

At the location map of the university please enter at "Gebäudesuche" number "3110" (number of the canteen building):